TVLowCost will save every drop of your marketing budget to make TV advertising affordable, at last!

TV Production costs … yes, that hairy old issue. Truth is: even today the Ad Industry still does itself and Clients injustices with “high-cost” TV Production. Too many ad agencies still seem to ignore the Budget, and deliver back OTT costs complete with a bewildering array of excuses. Too much smoke and mirrors, and perhaps a few selfish agendas rather than brands’ results and returns (awards, awards, awards…)

Stories still abound from Clients with either damaging first-hand experiences, or others having suffered the dire consequences of poor budgeting. Still rife! Forced to accept higher-than-expected costs, they inevitably take it from the Media … 4 months later and no apparent lifts anywhere the Board loses faith in the campaign, its possibly cut and …  ’put down to experience’. The TV medium is written off too, and alternative low-profile options resumed. A shame … for the brand, the Client, ad agency, TV itself and the Industry. All too typical even today … 

At TVLowCost we have an altogether different “LOW-COST” pioneering approach. We do stick to the budget. And only return with  work that we can deliver for the same.

BUT … way before that, we have wisely ’packaged’ up ALL elements for a complete TV Shoot in ONE all-in TV Package, representing the Best Value possible. That’s all preparation + the Shoot itself [we average 3/4 commercials per project] + all editing/post-prod + transmission costs. Add to that the huge $$ benefits of us containing ALL facilities IN-HOUSE – rather than use the typical array of additional specialist suppliers outside of the main Prod Company [all on high margins, naturellement] – and you ‘ll appreciate the precision, practicality, and cost-effectiveness of our remarkable proposition.

Our proposition? a fixed amount for a complete on-air TV campaign. Including full management, Creative, Group Discussion to check out the Ideas, the Shoot itself plus all editing/post-prod, transmission costs, v/o and music … then a pre-Omnibus check.  AND … including a fully-tailored National Peak and Off-Peak TV Schedule which will certainly ‘punch above its weight’ with sufficient Impact, Coverage and Frequency to register. We will be on-air 8 weeks [no, not 8 months] from agreed Brief. Food for thought …?

And Results? We are consistently delivering Results that “exceed expectations”. When most of our ex-TV Clients then go on to re-book further TV bursts – many being on their 3rd within 18 months after payback from the first burst alone – it’s all the proof we need for our efficacy. Andwith 85 clients and 420 commercials in 3 years from a wide range of Clients, all cynics have run for cover from the pure consistency of our positive returns.

TVLowCost’s mission is to simply to get deserving Challenger Brands onto TV, quickly, creatively, effectively and in the most cost-efficient way. And then yield Results that “exceed expectations”. With most spend going INTO THE MEDIA.

Do your brand a favour and call our branch in your country ! You will discover how affordable can TV advertising become under the influence of TVLowCost!