Low-cost” TV from TVLowCost makes TV AFFORDABLE to Challenger Brands. Why spend FORTUNES on non-TV Media when your Brand can enjoy the full benefits of TV for LESS THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE ? AND the Trade will love you …!

FMCG Brands and their Owners are on a continuous cycle of Trade Support that’s increasingly dominating Brand Budgets. And putting the squeeze on advertising and promotional spend.  Invariably it’s advertising that gets pulled because of its high cost in order to maintain profitability of the brand.

Winning the game … it’s cat and mouse with the powerful Grocery groups. Play the game … or risk not having a market for your products. Don’t support your Brand and risk poorer Distribution, adverse shelf positions or even worse, de-listing. And let’s be honest, the Trade ONLY get excited about TV advertising, right? Forget protestations that Mags/Print plus some posters around their Stores, oh and some online will fire up any Multiple Buyer! This harsh reality becomes even more vital for smaller Challenger Brands struggling on tight budgets.

If this sounds familiar… and you want to break out – CHANGE GEAR – and have your Brand supported on TV, then TVLowCost is the solution. We have made TV affordable. At last. And pioneered the Best Value all-in TV Package in every market where we are established.

TVLowCost has created complete TV package … you will be on-air 8 weeks from agreed Brief, with an average 4 commercials pre-Tested and an Omnibus included too; full TV Shoot of course with all post-editing and running costs; AND a fully tailored Peak/Off-Peak National TV Schedule geared precisely to your Brand’s Target Audience. And punching hugely above its weight.

RESULTS! RESULTS! … we are getting our Clients remarkable Results in each of the markets where we are, just ask us. Here are some examples from UK : Milton earned +30% Sales across their range with +32% extra Distribution on top. Sudocrem +21% plus + the same for Distribution. Milton has rebooked follow-up TV bursts for both the UK and now abroad … as separately has Sudocrem, now on its 3rd burst in 15 months! Both Brands on higher spends after proving campaign efficacies,  both having been off TV for a decade or more. We are talking serious net business gains here, and ££payback. Plus exceptional Distribution gains. And their Housewife+Kids targeting will be pretty similar to your own?

Next step?… contact us and see our robust, Results-orientated presentation. And be prepared to be convinced – this is all possible, as 85 Projects and over 420 commercials from our Network have shown. Your own Brand will not look over its shoulder again. So don’t finalise your 08/09 Brand Plans without considering TVLowCost. Hope to hear from you. Thanks and regards.