Advertisers, do not panic ! The generalization of the tensions on the costs obliges companies to question all their previous ways of management. In TV advertising , the economic approach of TVLowCost allows to restore  the ” Marketing Purchasing Power ” of companies.

When TVLowCost opened its doors, three and a half years ago, the advertising industry roared and declared in a peremptory and definitive way : ” this will never work! ” The argumentation developed in a certain number of interviews by the big bosses of traditional advertising agencies, demonstrated that the cost of the ” All inclusive TV Pack for 250 000 euros” was simply ridiculous and impossible … 

It is true that the advertising  industry  is always strangely traditionalist and conformist!

Our intuition was right : numerous companies did not go to television, simply because the “ticket of entry “ was inaccessible for them. Today, the inflationary pressure that every company undergoes on its costs of supply, the spectacular rise of the weight of the distribution, the emergence of delocalized competitors, all this encourage companies to re-study from top to bottom their structures of costs.

Today’s name of the game is : “savings”! Today is the time to work with the only TV agency specialist of savings : TVLowCost!

With regard to this new context, it is cristal clear that the traditional ” high cost ” advertising agencies are very badly adapted to the new economic environment. It is not so easy to pass from a model to the other one … 

That’s why, among others reason, TVLowCost knows such a success with all the typologies of advertisers, because we allow each of them to reduce their marketing costs in a important way. By reducing the costs of TV advertising we allow our clients to improve their overall profitability, and this is very useful nowadays!