TVLowCost … and the “Last 60 minute theory”. Hitting consumers with TV spots just before shopping is far more effective and affordable than over-priced Prime Time spots 12 hours earlier.


TVLowCost’s unique approach to “affordable TV advertising” also adds further campaign impact too! 

You likely know the theory of the “last metre”, developed by many Design, Packaging and SP specialists. This shows the vital importance of “product visibility in-store” so that consumers, with only a few seconds spare, will see and hopefully grab your brand and not competitors.
TVLowCost believes a similar theory applies to TV advertising: the “Last 60 minutes” theory. Whilst avoiding Peak Terrestrial airtime for cost and wastage reasons – priorising TV commercials in a tailored combination of Off-peak and Peak Terrestrial/MCH –  we make it possible for Clients to advertise their brands only minutes before consumers are in the shops. Better for purchasing, right?

This tangible “proximity to purchase” will undoubtedly also benefit brand sales when considering that consumers are hit, they say, by 5000 brand messages a day! Hard to believe, but true.  Studies undertaken by ROBERT HEATH in the UK clearly show the reality of this“carpet bombing”. By “commercial messages”, we are talking all forms of advertising of course but also the thousands of logos that surround us in our [mostly] city lives. 

ROBERT HEATH demonstrated the importance of what he calls LOW INVOLVEMENT PROCESSING (LIP). Namely, that our brains – consciously or subconsciously – record ALL such information, there being “no dustbin” function as such. It simply arranges this information in different “baskets”…

Eg. If a consumer is seeking a foot cream, information acquired will pop to the surface of her mind whereas info on cars – not on her shopping list – will not. 

What do we draw from these studies at TVLowCost ? Quite simply: the closer a branded message is to the act of purchase the more likely a sale. ie. Cost-effective Daytime TV advertising – far from being “bad” for a brand – is on the contrary much more effective. Hugely over-priced Peak spots the night before will have long faded into obscurity. Worth noting too that Daytime viewers tend to be more “available and focussed” than during evenings when all manner of domestic disruptions get in the way: kids coming home, homework, supper, laundry et al! Terrestrial Peak advertising really is NOT all that it’s cracked up to be in today’s TV market, where better value and efficiencies are readily available through other Channels.

This “Last 60 minutes” theory is also supported by dozens of  TVLowCost campaigns across our   network. We can also demonstrate that the “affordable TV advertising” that we create can really deliver remarkable business Results!

This theory is actually just common sense … in an ad agency world where obsession for “Peak only” should have come off the rails a long time ago!